Types of Bikes Available Online

This is a guest post by John from Planetcheapbikes.com, where he reviews cheap bikes that are available online for purchase. His aim is to provide people with quality bikes that are affordable and good for beginners. 

Here is John:

There are various types of bikes available online. Some of these are listed below:

#1 Mountain Bikes:

There are basically two types of mountain bikes which include Hardtail and Dual Suspension. Both of these differ in terms of the frame type. For beginners, we recommend going for a mountain bike that is dual suspension.

#2 Bmx Bikes:

These bikes are mainly used for racing or stunt riding. The Term BMX stands for bicycle motocross. BMX bikes are available in these models Park, Dirt, Street, race and flatland.

#3 Hybrid Bikes:

One of the most popular bicycle type out there, the hybrid bikes usually have characteristics of other bike types and is great for people wanting to commute to work. There are various types of bicycles in this category which include:

  • Trekking bike
  • Commuter bike
  • Cross bike
  • City bike
  • Comfort bike

#4 Electric Bicycles:

The electric bicycles are gaining more and more popularity day by day. These bikes are also know as booster bike or E-bikes. These bikes basically integrate a motor driven by electricity generated through pedalling. The process isn’t as it sound but you probably got an idea how they work. There are different types of electric bikes, check them out on this page.

#5 Fixie Bikes:

The fixie bikes or also called as fixed gear bikes are bicycles without a free-wheel mechanism – Which means you can’t coast on the bike. The fixie bikes adds simplicity to cycling and is without doubt becoming popular day by day. Also, these bikes are relatively cheaper than other types of bikes ( Here is a guide to the cheap fixie bikes available online ) because of less components used during construction.

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How to find a shower head for your house?

Hi. Today’s guest post is by john smith from luxiobath.com and here he goes:

Hello Everybody, john here. As we all know that shower heads are essential part of everyday life but a very few people actually take the time to figure out the best shower head for their home. Recently, i posted a in-depth review on the best high pressure shower heads for low water pressure at my blog. In this post i pointed out that many people have sufficiently low water pressure at their house and that keeps them frmo having a great showering experince. My blog post shows some of the top rated shower heads if you are not getting enough water flow. So be sure to check out that post.

Additionally, i also wrote a post recently about the best rain shower heads for your home. As the rainfall shower heads are become very popular day by day, i though it would be awesome to write a page specifically on this topic. Also, rain shower heads are also the most searched type of shower heads. It so popular that it gets around 10,100 searched on google alone.

One of the best rain shower heads is by moen, check out the video below to see what it offers:

I usually go to Amazon.com if i want to find a shower head and i suggest all of the readers to go to Amazon too. The reason why i like Amazon is that the store offers huge discounts, almost all the time of the year. In Addition, the store also offers a huge variety when it comes to plumbing products. There are also other awesome stores such as Home Depot and Lowes but i prefer Amazon.com every time. They deliver very fast and most of the sellers on the store provide exceptionally great after sale service.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend ahead. Peace.

My Plans For 2016.. Store & Product Launch

I’ll keep today’s post short. I felt like writing this post because i havn’t posted for a very long time. I have been busy due to certain personal health issues ( nothing too serious )

But the reason why i am excited today is that i am planning to open up my very own store. ( perhaps using shopify ) I am planning to create my very own products. I have a loose plan regarding what i am going to sell but i’m not specifically certain about the products i am going to launch.

However, i am going to make my own organic products and sell it on this store. I have a concern though… Although i have started this site like a month ago but still i haven’t seen much traffic on the site. Perhaps i havn’t configured my site properly.

Have a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2016!