My Plans For 2016.. Store & Product Launch

I’ll keep today’s post short. I felt like writing this post because i havn’t posted for a very long time. I have been busy due to certain personal health issues ( nothing too serious )

But the reason why i am excited today is that i am planning to open up my very own store. ( perhaps using shopify ) I am planning to create my very own products. I have a loose plan regarding what i am going to sell but i’m not specifically certain about the products i am going to launch.

However, i am going to make my own organic products and sell it on this store. I have a concern though… Although i have started this site like a month ago but still i haven’t seen much traffic on the site. Perhaps i havn’t configured my site properly.

Have a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2016!

5 Ways to Prepare a Relaxing Bath


Today’s post is by a wonderful person, John Smith from luxiobath – A site related to bathroom niche. John reviews some of the top rated bathroom essentials such as shower heads, Sink Faucets, Luxurious Towels and more.

It was actually john from whom i got inspiration to start my very own website. In addition he also helped me with the technical stuff initially ( such as installing themes and tweaking wordpress site ) Anyways,

Here’s John…

To keep this post as to the point as possible, i’ve divided this post into 5 short blurbs.

1.) Clean yourself before the bath.

Sitting in a bathtub filled with dirty water is not fun. Make sure you shower before the bath so you can have a clear head while trying to relax in the tub. Not only will you feel much cleaner but your body will be much more used to the water temperature when you are finally ready to take the bath. Also, make sure the bathroom is neat and clean before you do anything. The point of the bath is to relax, looking around at a messy or dirty bathroom is going to be very distracting.

2.) Set the Mood

You want your bathroom to be a place of zen while you are in the tub. Natural bath products, such as essential oils, have some sleep inducing qualities that can set a very peaceful mood for your bath. Make sure you have some type of soft, relaxing music playing(at a safe distance away from the tub). Soft music can slow down your heart rate and relax your entire body.You can even dim the lights or light some candles. Do whatever makes you feel very relaxed and calm.

3.) Get Comfortable & Make Sure You have An Amazing Shower

As i directly review bath products, i think an amazing shower head can make a huge difference between an ‘okay’ shower and a ‘great’ one. So be sure you have the right water pressure at home. Not to high and not too low. In addition, you could also get a rain shower head if you want a rainfall experience – Many people do find that great. And if your water pressure is low, you can read the high pressure shower heads guide on my site to buy the best showers.

In order to relax, you must get as comfortable as possible. First, you must make sure that the temperature of the water is just right. Make sure it is not too hot and not too cold. If the temperature is off, you’re going to be thinking about it the whole time.

That will not make for a relaxing time. If you want to lean your head back while in the tub, you can not just lean it back onto the hard tile behind your tub. There are inflatable pillows you can purchase at various stores. You can now lay back in the perfect temperature with a pillow and just soak it all in.

4.) Bring a Book and Some Food

Of course, you want this to be a relaxing time, but that does not mean you must have your eyes closed the whole time and act as if you are meditating. Bring in a book to read while you’re in the bath. Reading takes your mind off of life’s daily stresses and allows your mind to drift away a little bit. Get yourself a bowl of fruit or some snacks and put them on a stool that is just within your reach. You do not want to get hungry or thirsty while you’re in the tub. Indulge a little bit and let loose.

5.) Lay Out a Soft Towel and Some Comfy Clothes

Make sure you have all of your drying materials and clothes ready for when you’re ready to get out. Getting out of the tub and having everything right there and ready for you to finish up will be the perfect finisher to your relaxing bath.

3 of the Best African Black Soaps

In this post you are going to read reviews about the 3 of the best african soap ( that i think ) are the one’s you should pick.

African black soaps have numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:

  1. Nourishes skin due to natural antioxidants present
  2. Helps you heal problems such as acne & eczema
  3. Evens skin tone and texture
  4. Alleviates burns caused by razors

Read the 3 reviews below:

African Black Soap Tub 2lb

While the picture itself may not be all that appealing, the African black soap, 2lb tub has actually received five out of five stars and only cost around $16.25. Each tub of black soap is freshly made and a certified smell good product. Unlike traditional soap, a tub of African black soap is more of a paste than anything else. However, it comes in a re-sealable tub which means it can be protected from the possibility of drying out, and from water getting in and ruining the product.

Buy this from 

This product can be used in a bath, to shower with, and effective in hair and on skin. This product is great to use for other purposes as well, such as ingrown hairs, acne, odor, and can even be used to shave.

Consumers have reported that when it comes to shaving, this product is a great way to treat painful razor burn. Many people who have bought this product were formerly having issues with acne outbreaks and within the first use to cleanse their face, they noticed a big different in how it cleared up their skin, and how much better they felt after using it. Over all it’s had a high customer satisfaction rating and we’ve heard a list of positive reviews including the fact that it came on time and was cheaper to buy through Amazon than it was for those who had been to the area and tried to purchase some in person, which is great!

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Bar Soap-8 oz.

African black soap with Shea moisture comes in a bar of 8 oz. soap. As the label lists, it’s a great product to use on your face to help clear up acne and other blemishes that you may have been having issues with. This product received four and a half stars out of five and costs $7.49 on Amazon. Gets this Products from Amazon

Made completely of natural ingredients, they have used this product in Africa in treating various skin conditions such as oily skin, eczema, acne as well as other skin issues. The scent isn’t over bearing at all, in fact most report it as having a light scent that is pleasant over all. While for some it has been prone to clearing up their skin and ridding of blemishes, there are some with sensitive skin types that have said it’s actually done the opposite and caused them to break out.

Due to the products used in this soap, reports have even said that as the bar of soap is black in color, that it will discolor your washcloths and turn them to a grey color. Likewise, some have said that it also leaves a light, but easy to remove grey stain in the shower that washes away with no problem. Over all this product seems to have a lot of positive properties to it and is safe to use even around the intimate areas on your body. For those who shave down below, and suffer from ingrown hairs, they’ve reported this as a great cure to that.

Alaffia – Authentic African Black Soap, Vanilla Almond – 32 oz.

Alaffia authentic African black soap in vanilla almond scent, has received a four and a half star rating out of five, and can be purchased for $16.99 which is a great bargain for a thirty two ounce bottle. All ingredients used in making of this product are completely fair trade approved, and this product can be used for a multitude of things.

Purchase the product from Amazon on Sale.

While great for washing your body, you can also use it shave, shampooing, safe to use on babies and in general can be used as a hand and body soap. Comes with a great vanilla almond scent, and no matter what type of skin or hair you use, it’s good to use for anyone who wants to. The proceeds of buying this product go back to fighting poverty in Togo which is always a great fund to support.

A disclaimer on this product serves to warn consumers that because this product is made by hand from all natural products you’ll find that no two bottles may have the same quality to them. While one bottles ingredients may be a bit thicker, it’s possible the next may not be quite as thick, but they still strive to provide you with the best product possible. For those who buy these products, they go great with other items such as the facial cream also made by the same company and comes in great scents as well. Just like the soap all their products are all natural.